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意思是:爱到死心塌地 ;完全迷 I guessed you ' d fall head over heels for him ., 我猜你会完全迷上他的.

head over heels .倒栽葱;从头到脚 头朝下的生活;神魂颠倒 例句筛选 1. I'm head over heels about this book. 我极喜欢这本书。 2. The children all tried to come in the door at once, head over heels. 孩子们推搡着,想一下子拥进屋来。...

head over heels 通常指一个人坠入情网时的「晕头转向」丶「神魂颠倒」的意思。head over heels後面常接with someone或者 with love,表示「对某人神魂颠倒」

head over heels 完全地,全部地; 神魂颠倒; [英][hed ˈəuvə hi:lz][美][hɛd ˈovɚ hilz] Falling head over heels with your new shoes? 穿新鞋时一头栽倒了?

head over heels 1.栽跟头,跌倒 2.完全地,深深地(爱上某人) I've fallen head over heels in love with you. 精锐教育长宁天山英语组

《Head Over Heels 》 所属专辑:The Ultimate Collection 演唱者:Tears for Fears I wanted to be with you alone And talk about the weather But traditions I can trace against The child in your face Won't escape my attention You kee...

head over heels 神魂颠倒,有这部电影的 fall看作系动词,整句意思是他再次为某人而神魂颠倒

head over heels in love在爱中 双语对照 词典结果: head over heels in love[英][hed ˈəuvə hi:lz in lʌv][美][hɛd ˈovɚ hilz ɪn lʌv] 沉溺于爱河中;  以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Love...

Falling head over heels in love with you has nothing to do with your looking. It's because you give me the things others can't give to me at that moment. 爱上你,与你无关,与你的期待。这是因为你给我的东西别人不能给我在那一刻


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